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Karori Seeds to Feeds Festival 

Seeds to Feeds is a festival of local suburb-based teams of cooks, hosts and growers. The festival’s purpose is for everyone involved to make meaningful new connections with people in their community, and be inspired to participate more in local food. In 2021 the Karori Community Garden brought together people for a shared meal of local produce at the Karori Bowling club next door. In 2022 some members attended Seeds for Feeds workshops and there was a seed swap but the pandemic meant too much uncertainty for an organised event for our volunteers to manage so we didn't host a meal. Look out for 2023! 

In 2021 the dinner was MONDAY 1ST MARCH 6.30PM


Our Karori team:

- Grew, foraged and preserved local food throughout the summer

- Run gardening events using local knowledge with working bees

Dinner in Bird Valley

The dinner event hosted a delicious community-based dinner experience on Monday 1st March 2021, where the food we have grown, foraged and produced is the star of the show. Many people have been involved from  backyard growers, schools, and community groups. There has been cooking, preserving, hosting, gathering, planning, decorating and eating too. We have also themed the food with local birds - the pīwakawaka, tūī, ruru and kākā, to celebrate the origins of Karori as a bird hunting grounds, and the success of conversation area Zealandia. 

Karori Seeds To Feeds: About Us

News and Updates

Tickets on sale Monday 1 March 6.30pm Karori Bowling Club 

2021-03-01 18.28.20.jpg

Meal a success

March 2021

We had a wonderful turnout of diners, cooks and helpers and everyone was careful to distance from other bubbles. The event was brought to us 'by the weather' because without a pleasant evening it would have been takeaways only.


Dinner going ahead!

26 February 2021

As of 6am today Karori and most of Aotearoa are in Covid-19 Alert Level 2 - here are the changes to our dinner 

Dear Karori Seeds to Feeds event ticket-holder,

The Seeds for Feeds Karori Dinner in Bird Valley is going ahead tomorrow night. For people's safety and following the Covid-19 level 2 guidelines there are a few changes.

The dinner will be served to you like a picnic as you arrive. In your 'bubble' / ticket purchase groups you can then spread out around the Bowling Club to enjoy the three courses prepared lovingly by our group of volunteers. There are nice spaces around the edge of the bowling green - so bring a picnic blanket if you might want to sit on the grass, and there are also plenty of tables, benches and chairs especially for our older guests or those with creaky knees, hips and backs. The bowling green is just for bowling so no picnics on there, but there are lots of benches around the edge, plus a few tables inside too.

If you do not feel comfortable eating at the bowling club you are also welcome to take your meals away with you to eat at home, in the park, or wherever you would like.

We will compost the takeaway containers at the community garden. If you want to reduce waste we can package your meal into your own containers, let front-of-house know when you arrive.  

The usual guidelines also apply - to scan the tracking ap or sign in as you arrive, and to stay home if you feel unwell or have symptoms. 


Dinner planning underway

22 February, 2020


The vegies are being watered, the planning and shopping is underway. Tickets are on sale - it is a pay as you want - so make a donation to garden and get a ticket to learn more about gardening in Karori, and meet others who love plants.


Beautiful Birds, Next Meeting & Plants Growing

January 12, 2020

Pīwakawaka created by Trinity Ubiaga of Karori age 12 for the promotion of the dinner event. It has a really great cheeky expression, setting a good tone for a community event designed to bring people together and create a sense of belonging.

Next meeting: 7.15pm on Tuesday 20 January 2021 at One Fat Bird in Marsden Village.

In other updates some plants are growing well and other plants have not liked the weather we have been having. Plants are being grown at the Karori Community garden as well as people's private gardens around Karori. The garden needs lots of water - so feel free to go by in the evening and water the beds.

Near the end of February we will do a shout out to the community for anything local in people's preserves pantries or gardens. Herbs and fresh greens will be welcomed!  


Calling adults and children who like to draw - bird drawings needed for poster

December, 2020

Our theme for the festival is 

  • Bird Valley Dinner: A community meal made with produce from the suburb of Karori and inspired by the birds of the valley - kākā, pīwakawaka, tūi and ruru. Hosted and prepared by local people interested in growing community and sharing gardening and cooking skills.

We are going to get posters to advertise the dinner - so if you want to draw or paint a bird ​-  kākā, pīwakawaka, tūi and ruru it can be featured on the poster. If you want to give it a try and need some encouragement let me know.

2020-11-22 16.28.22.jpg

Planting in Karori including a weed buster

November, 2020

A working bee in November started a plot at a participant Terry's home. It was a thorough session to get rid of many convolvulus roots as possible. 
Lisa, Kate, Fluer, Tina, James, Matt, Sally May, Julie and Terry all have things growing in their gardens. Get in touch if you want to be a grower too!


Activity at the Karori Community Garden

November, 2020

The communal area for Seeds to Feeds now has good soil, surrounds, a couple of signs and some plants growing to produce crops for late Feb for the 'feed' part of the festival. It is waiting for a few more seedlings to be ready and some bird netting.

Karori Seeds To Feeds: News & Updates
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Karori Seeds To Feeds: History

Suburbs involved in 2020 / 21

Eleven communities in Wellington celebrating people through local growing and food.

Karori Seeds To Feeds: Welcome
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